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Last chance to sign up for Daily Dreher before Dante pilgrimage

A number of you readers of Daily Dreher have signed up for the paid list, which goes live on Monday evening. But many more of you have not yet done so. Let me appeal one more time for you to subscribe. This year, 2021, marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. Tomorrow I will start a series about a new online exhibition sponsored by the Uffizi Gallery in Florence: rare 16th century illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy by the Renaissance artist Federico Zuccari. The Guardian writes about them here. They are so rare and fragile that the museum almost never shows them. Now, though, the Uffizi has translated them into high-definition images, available for online viewing for free.

Tomorrow I’m going to begin writing about these drawings, and what Dante’s work has to teach us about how to live. I expect to write three reflections, with illustrations from Zuccari’s works. I know that many readers of my books and my blog especially loved my engagement with Dante. If you sign up for even just a single month of Daily Dreher (five dollars), you can go with us on this new Dante journey this week.

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  3. As a Founding Member, at $300 per year. This gives you access to a 90-minute monthly Zoom meeting with me and other Founding Members, in which we can talk about whatever you like (if there are too many Founding Members for a single call, I will do two monthly calls, so everybody can participate comfortably). Also, I will send each Founding Member one personalized copy of LIVE NOT BY LIES.

Thanks again to all of you who have subscribed to the paid service. I especially enjoy the comments some of you have sent me privately saying that this newsletter reminds you of why you started reading my blog in the first place. You will start receiving the newsletter feed exclusively on Monday. The rest of you will remain on this list. I plan to send out a public “best of” newsletter on the weekends. If you find that you miss getting this newsletter daily, you can always subscribe, which should give you access to all the archives that you will have missed.

Nota bene, I have set a very demanding schedule for myself — daily writing, after I’ve finished all my TAC blogging — so please, paid subscribers, don’t be offended if I miss a day. I will make it up to you on the weekend. I reserve the right to take a couple of weeks off for vacation. I’m something of a workaholic, so I actually don’t think I’ll take the time, but I want to reserve it just in case.

Anyway, look, this is going to be fun. Come join the community! Oh, and P.S., in the last newsletter, I erred by saying that the Founding Member thing is $300/month. It’s $300/year. And if you are having trouble subscribing — I’ve heard from a couple of readers in other countries who have — this Substack FAQ for readers might help.