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"foodways" wtf

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Yep. The woke must wokify ALL THE THINGS! That's how totalitarians roll.

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Rod, respectfully, take a deep breath, because I think you're missing the air of desperation about this, and the sense to which "there's a Pride Month angle to everything!" is already becoming a laughingstock, just eight days in.

We know how this conversation went:

"Administration says we need to provide something for Pride Month."

"But we're...Dining Services."

"Yes, so come up with some LGBT content for the daily newsletter."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Gay food stuff?"

"Like carrots and cucumbers?"

"That's not funny."

"Will people get mad that we have no trans-fats in the cafeteria?"

"That's really not funny."

"Then what the hell do you want? A profile of Paolo back there thawing pizzas in the kitchen? He's gay."

"That's it! LGBT chefs! Google says James Beard was gay."

"Was that seriously his real name?"

In the past 24 hours, the CIA put out its obligatory Pride Month social media post, which has been greeted with 100% mockery.

Have hope, Rod. This stuff is already stumbling under the weight of its own preposterousness.

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Jun 8, 2023·edited Jun 8, 2023

It's just gay marriage - what's your hangup?

It's just letting males and females pretend to be the opposite sex. What's the harm in that?

It's just grown up men, dressing like women and reading books to children. It helps increase literacy right?

It's just a few races that we need for the females to lose so the trans can win. Can't you be a little more tolerant? Besides the trans' testosterone is below the limit.

It's just a month of pride celebrations for the oppressed. Who can be against that?

It's just a special rainbow menu - what's the big deal?

It's just gender-affirming surgeries. You don't want these people to commit suicide do you?

It's just a little mark on your forehead so you can buy and sell. You know we are supposed to obey government right?

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So it’s creeping totalitarianism when people who fit under the LGBTQ umbrella propose to celebrate the accomplishments of their own in one industry — food — but normal and culturally healthy when conservatives push to purge school curricula of books, history texts, and/or teaching materials that don’t reflect the experiences, history, religious and cultural values of Americans who fit under the umbrella marked conservative, white and Christian?

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This is all so very much like the Soviet version of chess and checkers.

"[There are] hidden tendencies, hidden wishes, hidden goals of a certain segment of our chess/checkers organizations: enough politics, we don't need politics, just let us 'quietly' play chess.

"We said: anyone who stated that political questions should be separated from the questions of general cultural work, from the life of our organizations, was deliberately opposing our political position and, therefore, was our class enemy."

"Our goal is to imbue the chess/checkers work with political content."

-- Nikolai Krylenko. "The Main Goals of the Chess/Checkers Movement" (1931)

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Astute observation. I have had bad food, but not queer food.

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We are children of our age,

it’s a political age.

All day long, all through the night,

all affairs—yours, ours, theirs—

are political affairs.

Whether you like it or not,

your genes have a political past,

your skin, a political cast,

your eyes, a political slant.

Whatever you say reverberates,

whatever you don’t say speaks for itself.

So either way you’re talking politics.

Even when you take to the woods,

you’re taking political steps

on political grounds.

Apolitical poems are also political,

and above us shines a moon

no longer purely lunar.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

And though it troubles the digestion

it’s a question, as always, of politics.

To acquire a political meaning

you don’t even have to be human.

Raw material will do,

or protein feed, or crude oil,

or a conference table whose shape

was quarreled over for months;

Should we arbitrate life and death

at a round table or a square one?

Meanwhile, people perished,

animals died,

houses burned,

and the fields ran wild

just as in times immemorial

and less political.

-Wislawa Szymborska (1923 – 2012)

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These queer cultists have too much time and money on their hands. First they play with our genitals and now they play with our food. “Would you care for some aged, crumbly crotch cheese on your artisanal GMO-free arugula & dick compote “toss your salad” special?”


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If LGTByadayada voices get any more amplified, we'll all need to wear earplugs to avoid damage to our hearing.

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I wonder what the queer angle is for a pulled pork sandwich. Or sausage and gravy over a pancake, a popular food in Appalchia.

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Oh help us Jesus!

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I’ll have an order of the lightly spanked arugula...please.

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...and the experience of a transgender dishwasher.

It reminds me of something Woody Allen would have come up with when he was still funny.

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