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"Parents in California and more liberal states are probably in a politically and culturally hopeless situation. At least other states can be sanctuaries for them."

There will be a great sorting. I'm in a state where elected officials have taken a definitive stand against this; people will come here who want to escape the California madness. But I have little doubt that people from my state - the type who have those "In this house we believe..." signs in their yard - they'll go TO California to live in their leftist utopia. And let them.

We're rapidly approaching the point where there are but 2 choices - either the "fascism" of Trump or DeSantis, or the "inclusiveness" of those who think kink "butt sluts" have more right to your children than you do.

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"It is possible that some specifics in the manifesto are legitimately not the public’s business, or reasonably could spark copycat killings. If so, police should show it to independent journalists who can be trusted to report its contents with discretion."

I'm not familiar with the ethics and standards to which journalists are held, but I don't understand why the whole manifesto couldn't be released unredacted. The threat of copycat killings is already existent. If there is an argument being made within the manifesto that rings true enough with members of the Alphabet community, surely the rest of society would look in horror as an appeal is made to the manifesto to justify the killings. Let the uncensored truth come to light to do its work.

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Right on. You know who really is “transphobic” and hates trans people? Andrew Sullivan and other staunchly pro-gay-marriage but anti-trans voices. I read Sullivan the other day lamenting trans madness - but the trans people were making *the identical argument* I personally heard Sullivan make countless times, with great eloquence and tears in his eyes, during the gay marriage debates of old. I remember Sullivan saying something like “why would God give me such deep love for another man if it’s a sin?” Of course that argument made no sense at the time, but at least be consistent and embrace the trans variation on it. Yet when trans people say “a loving God wouldn’t want me to stay in the wrong body” or whatever, Sullivan calls them out and attacks their ideology. There is no logic there, there truly is only hate for a different group. Me, I opposed rewriting Genesis then and I oppose rewriting Genesis now, not because I’m hateful or trans phobic but because I think God knows better than I do!

As for the Satanic element of it, see That Hideous Strength. Or Walker Percy, who in the *1980s* was already predicting that liberal elite doctor types would inevitably end up sexually abusing children. Percy, unlike Sullivan and co, actually understands logic and consequences of ideas…. More on that here:


“ If there is one unforgettable takeaway from the book, it is Percy’s reiteration of his fellow legendary Southern Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor’s insight: apparent virtues, like tenderness or compassion, when divorced from the divine source of all virtue, inevitably lead to the death camps – or to Epstein Island. “Love is love,” after all, even for adults and their prepubescent paramours. Dostoevsky wrote that without God, everything is permitted. He was right, but only halfway so. As the children in Percy’s tale, and far too many real children today, could tell you, without God, everything – in the worst sense of that word – is mandatory.”

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"No place to hide" -- it's absolutely true. I'm old enough to remember the days of "let San Francisco be San Francisco and the Bible Belt be the Bible Belt." But in small towns such as Taylor, Texas, pop. 15,000, the radicalized city staff sees it as their solemn duty to spread the woke gospel and enforce a "pride parade," public opinion be damned. The libertarian "limited government and the constitution" camp just has no answer for this -- only the Rufo/Orban approach stands a chance of resisting it. See the coverage below.

WSJ ($):



Google news:


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Thanks, Rod! Your impact on the collective consciousness of humankind – the zeitgeist – is significant. Glad you're around!

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I have a 13-year-old who is incredibly smart but is an angry kid and uses a lot of liberal talking points - including those of the LGBT crowd - as a weapon against those who try to assert authority over her. She finds it the epitome of hypocrisy that traditional Christianity, including that which our church and her school preach, condemns homosexual behavior, because she's so brainwashed into thinking that it's all about "love is love".

I can't say too much more about the situation for the sake of privacy, but as I have been forced to come closer to some of the LGB and Trans+ stuff, it's actually very sad how many of these people feel very lost and alone, feel unloved and unloveable, and fall into the cult of the demonic LGBT+ activists (who do seem to be a small but very vocal part of the movement) who tell them "We love you and we're the only ones who can love you". When it wasn't radical enough to be homosexual, trans came out to push the culture even more out of whack, even though a lot of what the trans+ people push is diametrically opposed to what the homosexuals have been trying to tell people for the last 25 years.

The demons need to be fought against hard, but I think there are also a lot of people who need to be snatched up out of the fire in love because they ended up into something far more sinister than they bargained for.

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Ah, Lord have mercy!--give us rest from the Machine. I think we're seeing another "internal apocalypse of history" now, as Berdayev talked about it: "There is such a thing as the internal apocalypse of history. The apocalypse is not merely a revelation at the end of the world: it is also a revelation of the inner events of history, of the internal judgment upon history itself...History is a tragic conflict between the personal and the super-personal or pre-personal...Personality is active in history, within history the individual is revealed, but history is merciless in its attitude toward personality and oppresses the individual...It may be said that in fact the subject of history is not man, not even mankind, but a non-human reason...History deceives man, using man's self-seeking as a means to attain quite non-human goals. The cunning of history, against which the living personality rebels!"

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Mar 30, 2023·edited Mar 30, 2023

“An example of the calibre of counsellors who decide if a 12-year-old comes home from school is Kenna Cook, who has access to the kids at Davis Unified [School District]. She held a BDSM group called Slaps Giving; she authored blogs: ‘How to be a better butt slut’.”

Your agent (a Pete Hamill-ism) was recently attacked in these boxes for "grotesque hyperbole" or something for warning that the State was getting ready to mutilate children against the wishes of their parents. Here's what these dimwits don't get: the public schools ARE the State. It's the Catholic doctrine of subsidiarity inverted and weaponized. The State doesn't have to be in Sacramento, it's right down the street when school board meets. If I pay taxes to keep it going, you can bet your ass it's the State operating. Of course, California State law helps them here, or can be made to.

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If you want any chance, any chance at all, of resolving this peacefully, then Dissolution of the United States is the only solution. And the chances of that being accomplished peacefully now are very remote.

It will be hard. It will be unpleasant. The United States will lose even more of what precious little standing it has in the world. We will become a bunch of smaller, less powerful, and less wealthy, but still pretty influential nations a la France, Australia, or Japan instead of the great Collossus that the USA has been for the entirety of all of our lives.

There will be massive dislocations. There will be tremendous financial consequences that result in a lower standard of living for all of us.

But the alternative is going to be to lock and load and a tremendous bloodletting that most of you, with little to no personal experience with personal violence and its aftermath will never see coming.

We have plenty of space and resources for us to sort ourselves out and away from each other. It will happen, one way or another. Better to admit failure and work towards as soft a landing as you can.

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The connections from the acceptance of quee*marriage to this trans destruction seems clear to me. I can recall soon after Canada allowed que**marriage two brothers stood on the steps of their courthouse- maybe Toronto and demanded to be 'married'. The head of the que**marriage movement said that these two were "mocking marriage". I knew the end was nearer than I thought.

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Mar 30, 2023·edited Mar 30, 2023

"If you could transport yourself back in time to 2003, and tell Americans what the future was going to hold for them and their families if they embraced the LGBT movement, would they have been so eager and so naive? I appreciate gays and lesbians who speak out against the trans insanity, saying there is nothing about supporting homosexuals that requires you to support transgenders. But sorry, that ship sailed a long time ago, with transgenders on board. The logic used to sell Americans on affirming homosexuality — the logic of bodily and sexual autonomy, and personal feelings trumping any other consideration — has also been used to justify affirming transgenderism. The philosopher Edward Feser quipped the other day that watching a leading gay commentator objecting to trans extremism is like listening to the Mensheviks complain that the more extremist Bolsheviks are rushing through the door that the Mensheviks helped to open."

Over and over and over and over again.

Year after year after year after year.

I have posted the following double digit times all over but NOT ON SUBSTACK, so here goes.

There is a line between normal and abnormal. We can't pick up the line and move it over a little in order to normalize a little bit of abnormal without the rest of abnormal screaming, "What about me".

This is what we tried to do and failure was the only possible result.

Can we reverse this? Not until after the catastrophe.

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Rod wrote: "The United States is in moral meltdown. There really is something demonic about what’s intensifying with each passing day."

Indeed! It's great to have Rod writing about these issues.

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Mar 30, 2023·edited Mar 30, 2023

The events of the past few days, and the cultural response to them, are serving to starkly illustrate the fact that Western Society has already transitioned away from the 500-year Post Reformation (Modern) cultural epoch.

As the "Modern" cultural epoch collapsed over the last 30 years, all its institutions (public and private) ceased to perform their founding functions. The news media stopped reporting news, churches moved from worshiping God and providing moral foundation to serving as advocates for secular humanism, and Government established to preserve Natural Rights worked to rescind them! Courts established to implement Justice worked to undermine same. Corporations founded to earn profits for their shareholders instead focused on entirely unrelated objectives. We have observed science and medicine advocate for products and procedures which do objective harm--in direct contravention to their stated objectives! Universities founded to seek Truth now exist to promulgate political narratives.

Since we exist in the transitional phase, we have not yet seen formation of the institutions which will support the new Digital Epoch and its over-arching themes. I expect we will soon find that integration of Artificial Intelligence into human culture will be a major feature. No doubt we will also observe humanity seeking to assume control over realms previously considered the realms of God---life, death, biological sex, all aspects of human reproduction, and global weather patterns.

This moment in history is not an ordinary one. This is a once-every-500-years historical moment. Think of this moment as being analogous to the collapse of the Roman Empire (463-ish), the Great Schism of 1053, and the spark of Protestant Reformation in 1517. Each of those historical moments set the stage for the next 500 years of Western cultural formation.

As such, those living during this transitional moment, as we are, have the opportunity to chart the course. Will we simply lament the loss of what has passed into history, or will we Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before? Will people of integrity and moral vision step forward to help direct human society away from tyranny, and into a new epoch of human dignity and prosperity, which fully integrate all the new technologies and perspectives developed as the Modern era closed? Will we be able to conceive and build new institutions to serve the needs of the Digital Epoch society?

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and we have out homosexuals like Douglas Murray and Spencer Klavan telling us how to "save western civilization" when, in fact, they are part of the problem of the sexual revolution that is so bedeviling us. Can sexual revolutionaries save the west? I don't think so.


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BBC journalist Hannah Barnes just released an excellent book about the scandal that plagued, and shuttered, the Tavistock clinic, England's only gender clinic for children. The well-researched book shows how the clinicians at Tavistock put children as young as nine on puberty blockers and cross-hormones without knowing the repercussions. Why? Because there was no data that supported what they were doing. They were, in effect, experimenting on kids.

Eventually, Tavistock administrators decided to review their own files to determine the results of their treatment regimens. They learned that their treatment either resulted in no change to their patients, or the treatment had a negative effect. Shockingly, the clinic decided to ignore its own findings and continue the treatment regimen.

Long story short, the clinic has been shuddered by the British government and lawsuits have been filed. One legal expert estimated there could be an avalanche of 1,000 lawsuits coming from parents and now-grown-up patients who state that they were deceived and sold something that never should have been recommended to them.

The U.K., Sweden, Norway, and Finland are backing away from the aggressive manner in which they treat kids in their gender clinics. In the U.S.? Activists are pushing to lower standards even further, which is rather astounding when the standards are barely existent to begin with. Children with gender dysphoria need medical care. They need the best medical care, in fact. But they don't receive it because our activist class pushes for unsafe and experimental medical practices, and then they call anyone a "transphobe" for trying to stop the harm and experimentation inflicted upon these troubled kids.

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