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I feel like it's impossible to start a family in Canada, given the state of public schools.

13% of my Ottawa high school now isn't sure what gender they are! 13%! This should be a national emegency. Can't risk sending your kid into that

I am so demoralized. I guess demoralization is probably the point

Despair is a sin, but it is hard to feel any hope for the country of Canada...

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“ Remember that the original sin of Lucifer, the light-bearer, was Pride. ” A bon mot! As for that thing— neither can it be vulgar or obscene. It’s either pitiable or comical.

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Thank you for not letting us live by lies!

A few reactions:

1. Every cell of that “thing” is female. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Regarding the reality vs public image of pride parades, did you know that, decades after that famous Philadelphia movie with Tom Hanks was released, a major gay journal did a retrospective on it and admitted it was fundamentally dishonest, the activists praising it at the time it was released knew it was dishonest, but they lied and praised it anyway just to trick us all?

More here:


3. Regarding the need for brave priests, ugh, tell me about it! Y’all might like these reflections on Peter at Pentecost. He didn’t try to be winsome, to put it mildly…


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In a way it's comforting, because since such evil exists, the corresponding Good certainly does also. And the Good will triumph in the end.

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We are living through some combination of Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Color Revolutions exported (and beta tested) by the US State Dept, and the Gender cult is a demented Red Guard who have been unleashed on all of us, most especially children. The goal is to lock in a managed and surveilled postnational post-democracy overseen by a Church/State ruling coalition between the global corporate state and the Church of Social Justice.

The saddest part of all is how easily every institution was captured and how in every sphere of our societies—from science to religion to journalism to culture and academia etc—the leadership class rolled over and kissed the feet of our new rulers, denounced themselves, their histories and specialties, their entire countries. Anything to maintain their social status, careers, and finances.

I know there are multiple factors over multiple decades but for me the beginning of the end for Western Civ began when we rolled the Trojan Horse called Critical Studies inside the gates of our universities—50 years of endless barrages of guilt and shame later, 50 years of state-subsidized propaganda to paint all our cultures and traditions as bigoted hate crimes, 50 years of acid nihilism poured onto every Western person, place or thing, and at last the Long March has ended in victory and we have been conquered.

Marcuse (creator of the "coalition of the marginalized" assembled to destroy Western liberal democracy) cackles in joy from the depths of Hades.

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Thanks for the warnings, Rod--I didn't scroll down. I don't think I ever will. What I've already seen has been hideous enough. Perhaps some will be shocked enough to wake up when they see it; I'm already shocked enough.

It is an evil age, to be certain. This month has become my least favorite month of the year, and drives home to me that the America in which I was born and raised and loved is dying or dead. Yes, there are millions of Americans with whom I share many views (maybe even the majority)--but we have little or no cultural power. Those who lead us hate us and think they are far superior to us. They think of themselves as edgy and in control; but in fact, they are mere pawns in Shaytan's grip. And when you align yourself with the enemy of humankind and reject your Creator, what can the end result be but madness and regret?

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“Who is in charge of the clattering train?

The axles creak and the couplings strain;

And the pace is hot, and the points are near,

And Sleep has deadened the driver’s ear;

And the signals flash through the night in vain,

For Death is in charge of the clattering train.”

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So, the transgals like their Frankenpeckers circumcised. Interesting aesthetic choice. Learn something new everyday.

Sorry, but all you can do when faced with this madness is laugh or cry. Those of you who are better Christians then I am can pity these poor creatures and mourn for the lives they'll never have. I'm going to point and laugh at the charade, cruelly if necessary.

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I used to wonder why trans people would insist on identifying as the opposite sex when they still have the genitals of their birth sex. All that BS about women can have a penis & birthing people & other delusional ideas. Well, that awful picture made me think, maybe they’re not so sure they want to go under the knife & end up with a useless & gross appendage like that. Or a fake vagina which has to constantly be opened because it’s a wound & wants to heal. Because once the surgery is done there’s no going back. You can stop hormones & have breast reconstruction & go back to your real gender. And you can hedge your bets by just dressing as the opposite sex & insist that people pretend along with you. Dylan for example, I think it’s an act. He will probably return to living as a gay man at some point. Sweden & Finland have banned or restricted transitioning for minors. Hopefully this will become more widespread.

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June is Humility Month. I have officially declared it so. She is the mother of all virtues, but so very slippery. So everytime we see any of the Regime's flags, we should pause and contemplate Humility, and remind ourselves of our lowliness, and the greatness of our Creator. June is a time for embracing Humility - the whole "pride" thing is a Luciferian ruse.

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Satanists may not believe in Satan, but I assure you Satan believes in them. He is working through them even if unwittingly, and as scripture says, they are taken captive by him to do his will. If they don't repent they will wake up in hell to find he's very much real and it was very much a mistake to align themselves with him.

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Jun 6, 2023·edited Jun 6, 2023

Rod, I am glad that you were able to slow down and detox from America for a few days. Just stay there a bit longer.

Is the earth in danger of evil? Of course. Is it different now? No. Go back to Genesis, right before Noah. It was far more evil with angelic beings in their actions towards human beings. What did Yahweh do? He gave us a flood. And then a rainbow to tell us that He would never do that again. What is the rainbow 🌈 symbol now in 2023? Not the same thing. It is a symbol of pure evil for Satanic minions. So, what to do?

Continue weekly Christian services. Communion. Council. Confession, forgiveness, and love of the Saints. I am a solid Reformed person. Anyone in dwelled by Yahweh the Holy Spirit is a Saint. We don’t need special recommendations. Jesus choose us before the foundations of the universe. Why? We don’t know.,but He did that. What did mere human beings add to our salvation? Absolutely nothing at all. The Council of Dort settled that point in the West. Do any of us actually know? No. We will find out in glory, the real truth. Until then……

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

You said it perfectly yourself Rod…..

“Live not by lies”.

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From Robbie George of Princeton (God bless him): "By the authority vested in me by absolutely no one, I've declared June to be 'Fidelity Month'—a month dedicated to renewing fidelity to God, spouses and families, our country, and our communities. If you share these values, please join us, use our logo, and spread the word."

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

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Frankenstein was a warning. That’s what I see on these images.

And yes, Satan wants to demoralize us. Seek Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide us through these days. There is no other answer. Rod, thank you for your consistent clarion call of truth. I am almost thankful for this hideous peak behind the curtain so that we are drawn to our knees in prayer.

God told the Israelites to thrive where they were planted in Babylon. It’s a tough assignment but raise children anyway. Teach them at home. Don’t let the schools get ahold of them. Parents know what is best for the children they love. It’s not easy, but it is simple. There are many of us and we must all resist.

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True. Evil is privation of good. In post Christian era , what do you expect? Of course, only truly faithful can see what is going on. . The rest think they are in light , but it is really dark.

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