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Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Donor Class)

Blighty-Bound And Down

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The Danube Runs Through It ... And Over It

Policing The Borders Of Religious Identity

Boxing Day Postcard

Light Dawns In A Dark Cave

Is This Really 'No Better Time' To Be Catholic?

The Agony Of Prague At Christmas

Joseph Ratzinger & 'The Spirit Of The Liturgy'

Ruling Class Banana Republicans

Pope Benedict's Warning

Rome Is Capitulating In Culture War

Icons Of Christian Decadence

Aidan Maese-Czeropski & The Coming Reaction

It Really Is A Wonderful Life

Satanism & The Limits Of Liberalism

'Gruss Gott' From Vienna

Why Do People Go To Church?

'Resister Au Mensonge!' Live Not By Lies!

Shane MacGowan's 'Fairytale Of New York'

Christmas Book List

Soft Totalitarianism Comes Washington

Decolonize America!

Psychedelic Christianity

That's A Wrap, Bratislava!

Bratislava Shooting Diary

Why I Don't Support The Rufini Family

Prague Filming Diary.2

Prague Filming Diary

On To Prague

Harvard Scientist: Embrace Our Alien Messiahs

The Banshees Of The Irish Working Class

Dublin Is Burning. Where's Next?

Turkey Day On The Danube

AI: 'Summoning The Demon'?

The Religious Right In Post-Christian America

The Ruling Class Never Changes

The Hem Of Christ's Garment

Wotan Regrows His Oak

'Anything Can Happen Now'

Defending Ayaan's Conversion

In Paris, Standing Up To Jew-Hater Evil

Voice Of The European Street

'The Last Who Remember'

Technomysticism In American Babylon

Kristallnacht Then, Kristallnacht Now

'Encounters' With The Aliens

Where Anti-White Hatred Leads

*'Get Me Out Of Here!'

The World We Grew Up In No Longer Exists

The AI Ouija Board

The Showdown For Britain's Future

Hard Questions, Harder Answers

Facing The Abyss, Baiting The Hook

Time Is Love

'A Tree With A Rotten Core Cannot Stand'

Our Islam Problem

The Axis Of The Human Heart

How Academics Destroyed Academia

A Rainy Friday In Budapest

The Occidental Vespers

The Joy Of Craftsmanship

Judah's Lion Vs. The Blackpill

The Mortal Danger Of 'Yes-Buttery'

Maria Wittner & Living In Truth

Desolation Row

'There Is No Israel For Me'

Enemies Of Various Disasters

In Fog Of War, Facts Don't Matter

The Islamist Terror & Its Western Allies

Is This The End Of Woke?

Liberalism's Last Stand

A Time Of Tribulation

Remembering Junior Merritt

Autumn Of Our August 1914?

The Nazis Of Our Time

Flying Saints

Decline, Fall, & The Uncle Monty Option

Things Fall Apart II: Electric Boogaloo

Psychological Man Has His Pope

My Sunday With The Amber-Eyed Hare

The Kaiser's Long Stare

The Flag Of Crusading Empire

Sometimes You Do Have To Punch Right

Unwitting (?) Servants Of The New 'Evil Empire'

The Coming New Techno-Religion

Portrait Of An Iron Lady

The Three Temptations Of Christ

'Live Not By Lies' Documentary Needs You

The Pope Of Catholicism's Disintegration?

Soft Totalitarianism Comes For Russell Brand

Technology And The Really Human

Sex, Freedom, Happiness

The Quickening, Again

'Fissures In The Great Wall'

The Language Of Disgust

The Great Repaganization

Tearing Of The Veil

America: The Whole Country, Free For Taking

Shelby Foote, Tragedy, And Forgiveness

Postcard From Himmel

The Lucifer-Lover Whom God Loved More

The (Sad) Life Of Julia

The 'Fourth Turning' May Not Turn Out Well

What Is 'Living'?

Reviewing 'The Boniface Option'

Healing Time

The Danger Of Hermeticism

The Boys Of Summer

'Nostalghia' And Enchantment, Again

On The Road In The Low Countries

Oikophobia and the Department Of Justice

A Time Of Tribulation

Defending Bama Rush


Signs Of Joy Above Budapest

What Happens When You Are Put To The Test?

The Incoherence Of Generation X

*The Blessing Of A Beautiful Place

Did The Devil Go Down To Georgia?

Friedkin & A Christianity Of Spiritual Power

Hunter Biden & The Special Counsel

Oliver Anthony, On His Way

'Immoderate Greatness'

'Live Not By Live' Movie Project Livestream

Robbie Robertson, RIP

Asians Who Refuse To Take Their Own Side

Totalitarianism, Hard And Soft

The Spiritual War In Ukraine

*'And He Made Darkness His Hiding Place

Hanania's Shocking/Not-Shocking Exposure

Of Reptile Brains And Liberal Tears

'Kill The Boer'? Murder White South Africans?

Trump, Biden, & The End Of A World

We Are Being Trained To Forget

Cultural Christianity Is No Bad Thing

'Live Not By Lies': The Docuseries

Cognitive Dissonance & The Flight From Reality

Paralysis At End Of Empire

Blinded By The Black Sun

What's The Point Of Living, Anyway?

Dante, The Bard Of Christian Re-Enchantment

Whittaker Chambers' Witness To Truth

Bank Not By Lies

To Transylvania!

US Military: White Males Need Not Apply

Are We Disenchanted? Or Darkly Enchanted?

Media Driving 'Fast Car' Off Cliff

Two Dead (So Far) In GOP Murder-Suicide Event

Friday General Eclectica

The 'Hope' Of Apocalypse

*Of Quiet Houses And Letters Finally Sent

'No Conversions, Please, We're On Team Francis'

America Is Not Europe. America Is Not The World

Crown Comes After Anti-Castration Parents

Race, Crime, & Liberal Cognitive Dissonance

*Marco Sermarini's Wonder Discourse

Staying & Fighting Like The Tipi Loschi

Tucho, Tucho, Besame Mucho

France's Agony

*Offida Postcard

Postcard From San Benedetto del Tronto

How Will The Russia-Ukraine War End?

To The Shire, Subito!

Rodrigo Cortes: Casualty In War On Reality

*Dreams, Nostalgia, And Tzimtzum

K. Yang Puts You And Me To Shame

On Distrusting The Left

When Trantifa Attacks

Postcard from 3, Rue Montfaucon

The First Thing To Go Is Faith In Institutions

*Notes On Beauty

Anthem For A Corrupt Culture

*Of Ithaka And Atlantis

What's Worse Than Donald Trump's Corruption?

The Answered Prayers Of A Tormented Traveler

Wednesday News Roundup

AI: The New Gods Of 'Correct' Religion

*'Everybody Has Become Porous'

A White House Apocalypse

Games Answer 'Call Of Duty' To Serve Revolution

Bosch In A Bottle Of Beer

'Celebrating Queer Food'

With Friends Like These...

The Trans Children's Crusade

Satanic 'Panic' 2023

The Three Orthodoxmen Of The Apocalypse

Dublin Postcard

*Eternity As A Way Of Being

We Are Dante's Crew

Why Can't We Talk About Some Things?

*The Proustian Pellet Ice

Kind Of Blue

Can Democracy Survive Psychological Man?

Sunrise In Starhill

The Lives Of Others -- And Our Own

Race, Class, And Lies

Mainstreaming Satanism

Luxury Beliefs & The Defense Of The West

*How Do You Say 'Benedict Option' In Hebrew?

Trusting Institutions: A Foolish Pursuit

The Crack Of Bone

Weimar America's Pin-Up She-Male

An Unfortunate Fall

The Deepest War

America's Contagious Craziness

Woke Capitalism Wants Our Kids

*Molly Worthen's Conversion

We Don't Do Accountability Anymore

Tucker Goes To Twitter

The 'God Is Transgender' Exhibit

What Does The Left Want?

The True Monarch Of The Moment

*'Eat The Bouillé'

Hero Or Vigilante?

Blacklistin' Bret Vs. 'Unpatriotic Conservatives'

Harpy Daniels, USN: There Is Nothin' Like A Dame

Jeffrey Epstein's Friends In High Places

'Money Wins'

American Nostalgia

The Insider Outsider

*A Benda Family Guide To Resilience

Tucker Fired Because Of Religion

The Cathedral Defends Itself

Shock: Tucker Carlson Out At Fox

A Nation On the Borderline

Saturday News Goulash

The 'Violent War On Reality'

*Vive La Différence

The Wages Of Sin: $787.5 Million

The Face Of America's Racial Problems

Right-Wing Plutocrats Finance Progressivism

*'Hristos A Inviât!' They Sang

Bucharest Postcard

Jack The Dripper

Holy Thursday Hodgepodge

Matthew Crawford & Attention To Reality

Same Country, Different Worlds

Hungary Holds Out -- For Now

*From Palm Sunday To Good Friday

Democrats And Disorder

France's Firefly In The Night

Jackie Miller, Working Class Hero

Trump's Twilight, And America's

*'Beauty First' With Timothy Patitsas

Tale Of Two Countries

American Christians: Time To Grow Up

Deplorables And Dhimmis 2023

*The Joy Of Arvo Pärt

Trump: A Condensed Symbol

Nashville's Satanic Theophany

Brandon Sanderson, Normie King

Weimar America, By The Numbers

We Need The Truth About The Trans Killer

Why Did Transgender Audrey Hale Kill Children?

Decadence, Left And Right

Straight Outta Szentendre

Chris Rufo Comes To Budapest

*Why We Need Tragedy

Stormy Weather For Donald Trump

Beauty And The Sacred

Angelism In America

Howard Ahmanson Responds To Vanity Fair

*The Majesty Of Professor Kingsfield

Günter Bechly, Heretic

What DEI Is Doing To America

DeSantis: Ukraine War Not In US Interest

When Virtue Matters More Than Competence

EXCLUSIVE: US Judge Kyle Duncan Interview

*The Sound, Smell, Taste, And Touch Of Reality

Stanford Law Students Are The Enemy

The ‘Idyllically Sex-Positive World’

'Thanks For Dinner ... Er, What Did I Say Wrong?'

*Is Wonder Possible In The Digital Era?

Extra: The (Metaphysical) Joy Of Orthodox Sex

Dark Dilbert

*Against Iconoclasm

Coffee With Expatriates

Mary Harrington's Reactionary Feminism

Borderline Progressive Disorder

Battered Gargoyles & The Human Future

*The Miraculous Rescue In The Rubble

* The Asterisk Means 'Culture War Free'

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Mardi Gras In Magyarland

Paul Kingsnorth Interview, Part II

Birthday In Budapest


Into The Green Chamber

Galway And Clare Postcard

My Irreverent London Weekend

To Master, Or To Be Mastered, By Our Thoughts

What Have We Been Talking About Here?

Does The Internet Strangle The Nous?

A Buzzsaw Epiphany

Three Wonderworking Saints Of Our Time

Benedict XVI & The Sacramental Tapestry

'Hi Stefano, I Finally Found You'

Learning From The Archdruid

Postcard From A Benedict-Free Rome